The Government has set out the need for greater transparency across its operations to enable the public to hold public bodies and politicians to account. This includes commitments relating to public expenditure, intended to help reduce the deficit and achieve better value for money.

As part of this transparency agenda, the Government has made a number of initial commitments with regard to central government expenditure.

One such commitment is that new items of central government spending over £25,000 are now published online.


Any items of central government spending over £25,000 must now be published online. The list it is updated monthly, and can be found here.


Directors expenses

NS&I staff members undertake their duties in line with the requirements of the Civil Service Code and Civil Service Management Code, which make clear that Civil Servants must make sure public money and other resources are used properly and efficiently.

NS&I publishes information about NS&I Executive Directors and Non-executive Directors’ business expenses and hospitality. We will continue to publish similar information on a quarterly basis.

Directors' Expenses

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