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In 2018/2019


Our customer satisfaction score


We met or exceeded all of our 12 Service Delivery Measures

£12.8 million

We were over £12 million more cost-effective in raising money for Government than via alternative methods

37 million

Premium Bonds prizes – more than any previous year

So far in 2018/2019

Q4 2018-19

NS&I raised £1.9 billion of Net Financing in Q4 (January-March 2019) 2018-19. In 2018-19 NS&I raised £10.8 billion of Net Financing. This is against a whole-year target of £9 billion (+ / - £3 billion).

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Annie Shields

Annie Shields

Media Assistant

Jonty Alone

Jonty Alone

Corporate and Media Relations Manager

Latest news

September surprise as Surrey and Hertfordshire celebrate newly crowned Premium Bonds millionaires

Big wins for big holdings this September Agent Million has paid a visit to Surrey and Hertfordshire to surprise two Premium Bonds jackpot prize winners with the £1 million windfall. Both of the September millionaires are big savers with more money invested into Premium Bonds than any previous jackpot winner from their regions. The first winner is a man from Surrey and the winning Bond number was 319ML537267. The Bond was purchased in January 2018 and has £41,595 invested in Premium Bonds. He…


NS&I’s 1-year and 3-year Issues of Guaranteed Growth Bonds and Guaranteed Income Bonds are no longer on general sale Interest rates on new Issues of Guaranteed Growth Bonds, Guaranteed Income Bonds and Fixed Interest Savings Certificates for customers with maturing investments will be reduced by 25 basis points across all terms NS&I delivers £2 billion of Net Financing and returned a Value Indicator figure of -£119 million in Q1 2019-20 NS&I is today (2 September 2019) announcing…

Latest research

NS&I adviser survey reveals security and liquidity are driving behaviour

The latest edition of NS&I’s Financial Advice Barometer shows that security remains the top priority for advisers’ clients. 42% of respondents chose this option in the October 2018 survey.

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NS&I adviser survey reveals security and liquidity are driving behaviour