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One of the UK’s largest savings organisations

Benefitting the public and the public purse

NS&I is one of the largest savings organisations in the UK with 25 million customers and more than £167 billion invested.

NS&I is both a government department and an Executive Agency of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Our origins can be traced back over 150 years to 1861.

When customers invest in NS&I products, they are lending to the Government, which goes towards the public purse. In return, the Government pays interest, or prizes for Premium Bonds. We offer 100% security on all deposits.

Our performance

In 2018/2019


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We met or exceeded all of our 12 Service Delivery Measures


Help to Save accounts opened

£1 billion

Premium Bonds prizes paid out in 2018-19

So far in 2019/2020

Q3 2019-20

NS&I delivered £2 billion of Net Financing in Q1 (April-June 2019), £2.9 billion of Net Financing in Q2 (July-September 2019) and £3.2 billion of Net Financing in Q3 (October-December 2019) giving a 2019-20 year-to-date total of £8.1 billion.

Inspiring a stronger savings culture

This was the first year of our strategy, Inspire & Invest. Here you can see our performance as well as the progress we’ve made towards each of our six cross-cutting strategic aims.

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Latest news


The £1 million Premium Bonds prize winners for May come from Inner London and Gloucestershire. May’s first millionaire is a man from Inner London. His winning Bond number is 344ZE146007 and he has the maximum Premium Bond holding of £50,000. The winning Bond was purchased in November 2018. The win makes the man the fifth Premium Bonds millionaire from Inner London.


Planned interest rate reductions on NS&I variable rate products, including Premium Bonds, will not now be implemented. The cancellation of these interest rate reductions will support savers during the coronavirus pandemic. Customers do not need to take any specific action as a result of this announcement. NS&I is urging customers to go online to if they wish to invest or if they need help to manage their savings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Latest research

NS&I research shows that Generation Rent struggle to save, but not for want of trying

  • Nearly half (48%) of all young adults (18-34 age brackets) said a lack of disposable income affected their ability to save.
  • Three quarters of 18-24 and 63% of 25-34 year olds cut on spending in order to save.
  • Almost four in five (79%) of those with savings admitted to having to dip into their savings to cover their day-to-day living expenses.

New research by NS&I has revealed that nearly one in four people in the UK (23%) have no savings at all. This comes despite 77% of people saying they believed it was important to save.

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