We are constantly evolving our offer to customers and to ensure our strategic business aims provide value for money for the taxpayer, as well as improving the experience of those who save with us.

Our 'Inspire & Invest' strategy has cross-cutting strategic aims reflecting our joined up approach to delivering our refreshed purpose and mission.

Our purpose and mission

Below are our six strategic aims:

Delivering for Government

We raise public finances sustainably and efficiently, fully reflecting costs and risks. We build reliable innovative services delivered at pace, which are valued by government. Delivering with us is a compelling choice.

Delivering digital first products and services for our customers

Our customers are at the heart of our business. We support savers in securing their financial future with straightforward services, products, information, guidance and choices. We move quickly to adopt new established FinTech-enabled services and solutions. By 2021 we will be a true digital first business.

Using our insight and policy expertise to meet our customers’ needs

We learn quickly and are passionate about insight. We make decisions confidently, grounded in knowing our customers and their savings needs. We put our data, insight, intelligence and fresh thinking to work for our customers and government partners, and to help government develop and deliver effective policy. Our savings policy expertise, services and products are relevant and inspire a stronger savings culture.

Delivering efficiently

We are alert, commercial and efficient. We work in partnership with supplier and government partners to create sustainable value. We are alive to our competitors and operate fairly in the market.

Doing the right thing

We are responsible and trustworthy, and we deliver safely, taking a balanced approach to innovation and risk. We will always be known for the highest standards of conduct. We are fair and honest and do the right thing. We aim to comply with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirements where applicable on a voluntary basis and protect our business from threats and risks. We protect the interests of taxpayers.

Financial Conduct Authority

Being inspired and empowered

We care for colleagues, respect one another and invest in our people and manage their talent efficiently. Diversity, curiosity and innovation are welcomed. We care for customers, our environment and the public good.

How we recruit at NS&I