Standing orders for Premium Bonds: the habit of a lifetime

£25 now the minimum investment into Premium Bonds
When we reduced the minimum investment into Premium Bonds to £25 at the start of February, we also reduced the minimum monthly standing order, making it even easier for people to get into the savings habit.

Inspiring a stronger savings culture in the UK is at the heart of our strategy. Standing orders are a great way to save, with money put aside monthly and building up quickly over time.

With the opportunity to win prizes as well, those prudent monthly investments could lead to life-changing sums – that is the power of Premium Bonds.

This month we’re looking at how regular investments have paid off in a big way for our customers.

Some recent success for our regular savers

In February’s draw, over 38,000 Premium Bonds customers with standing orders won a combined 47,960 prizes from Bonds that were specifically bought in a previous regular monthly deposit.


Unlike reinvested prizes, standing order purchases require the customer to hold the Bonds for one full calendar month before they become eligible to win prizes.

However, over 150,000 customers made a standing order in January, whose numbers will be able to win prizes in March’s draw next week.

Collectively, those deposits were worth over £28 million, highlighting the power of Premium Bonds as a safe, fun and easy way to build up your savings.

Not everyone’s standing orders are the same

Up until February, the minimum standing order that customers could make was £50, once they’d already opened an account.

However, 49 customers currently choose to have £51 deposited each month. And, in digging further, we found an interesting amount that some customers regularly save.

A beastly number


According to our records, some customers have chosen to make a £666 standing order into their Premium Bonds account. In fact, three people still make that a regular deposit. It’s even more of a coincidence that in the data we found 13 customers that have, at some time or another, opted to put that amount into their accounts on a monthly basis.

As with all things at NS&I, the devil truly is in the detail!

Start your savings habit today

Setting up a standing order can be done in only a few minutes online, and means that you’ll have more chances of winning a Premium Bonds prize every month with no extra effort.

You can also boost your savings by transferring funds directly from your bank account, avoiding having to log into your NS&I account or entering card details.

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