New millionaire from Avon in March’s jackpot draw

March’s Premium Bonds millionaire

  • A male living in Avon
  • Bond number: 163EA927547
  • Winning Bond bought in December 2009
  • Total holdings £26,662

For the March 2014 draw ERNIE paid out over 1.8 million prizes, together amounting to over £51 million in value. There were 47,389,711,882 eligible Bond numbers in the draw.  In Avon there are over 400,000 Premium Bonds holdings worth more than £990 million.

Prize and value breakdown in March 2014

Value of prizes Number of prizes
£1,000,000 1
£100,000 3
£50,000 7
£25,000 12
£10,000 30
£5,000 63
£1,000 822
£500 2,466
£100 12,369
£50 12,369
£25 1,794,540
Total prize fund value
Total number of prizes

March's prize fund rate and odds

The annual Premium Bonds prize fund rate is currently 1.30% and the odds of each individual Bond number winning a prize are 26,000 to 1.

Unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes

Across the UK there are over 1 million unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes worth more than £46 million. In the County of Durham in particular there are over 5,000 prizes worth more than £240,000 that still remain unclaimed. There is a man from the region who is still due to receive £1,000 after failing to claim his prize in a previous draw. He has just £2 invested in Premium Bonds and the prize was won in September 1979.

There are a number of other unclaimed prizes due to the residents of the County of Durham, the oldest of these outstanding prizes having been drawn in May 1973. There is no time limit for claiming prizes, and Premium Bonds holders can reduce the chances of their prizes becoming unclaimed by managing their Premium Bonds online or opting to have any prizes paid directly into their bank accounts by BACS, with notification by email.

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Some of the highest unclaimed prizes in Avon

Winning Bond number Winner Month and year of draw Current holding balance Prize value


Male Nov-10 £30,000 £10,000
22KN723129 Female Jul-07 £10 £5,000
55XJ043753   Male Mar-08 £25,250 £5,000


Male Jul-84 £2 £1,000
1JB253300 Male Jun-89 £30 £1,000

Some of the oldest unclaimed prizes in Avon

Winning Bond number Winner Month and year of draw Current holding balance Prize value


Male Aug-64 £10,011 £25


Male Aug-68 £8 £25


Male Jan-69 £4 £25


Male Mar-69 £10 £25
2AZ300989 Female Nov-69 £1 £25

Keeping track of Premium Bonds

The NS&I Premium Bonds prize checker app is a quick and easy way for customers to check whether they have won a Premium Bonds prize. This is the official prize checker app from NS&I, and it’s free to download. It lets customers check whether they’ve won a prize in this month’s draw, or in the previous six months. They can also check if they have any unclaimed prizes waiting for them.

Premium Bond facts

Since the first Premium Bonds prize draw in 1957, 290 million tax–free prizes worth approximately £15 billion have been paid out.

Premium Bonds are an investment where, instead of interest payments, investors have the chance to win tax-free prizes. They were officially launched by Harold Macmillan, Chancellor of the Exchequer, in his 1956 Budget.

Savers can invest in Premium Bonds directly from NS&I by post, phone, online at or standing order, or by cheque and debit card at the Post Office.

Premium Bonds offer investors 100% capital security, backed by HM Treasury, making them a risk-free investment with the added excitement of potentially winning tax-free prizes ranging from £25 to £1 million.

Each month NS&I’s Agent Million travels to the region of the lucky Premium Bond jackpot prize winner, this month Avon, to personally deliver the good news that they are now a millionaire! 



Premium Bonds customers can also check to see if they have won by visiting and using the Premium Bonds prize checker on the homepage.

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Further information about managing Premium Bonds can also be found on NS&I’s YouTube channel, which also provides impartial tips on making the most of your money, interviews with industry experts and information about managing your finances online.

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Average savings per head

Gender 10 years ago 5 years ago This quarter
Male £99 (6.88%) £103 (6.66%) £115 (7.81%)
Female £64 (6.58%) £69 (6.19%) £81 (7.76%)

What will the next decade bring?

The immediate picture looks slightly more encouraging with 17% of Britons now stating that they think they are more likely to save money in the next three months, with just under a quarter (24%) thinking they will be less likely. This compares favourably to Autumn’s data last year where only 16% thought they were more likely to save money, with as many as 28% less likely.

About this research

The most recent NS&I Savings Survey was conducted by TNS, among 2,426 Great British adults aged 16+ between 03 and 09 December 2013. We also refer to NS&I Savings Surveys with data collected by TNS, in the Autumn of 2004 and 2008. The survey has been running every quarter since Autumn 2004, and is a snapshot of how the nation is saving.