Information ‘leek’: Wales-based winners of the Premium Bonds jackpot

On 1 July 2018, Agent Million made their first trip to Wales in two years – and specifically the first to South West Wales in nearly three. Here are some lesser-known facts about Premium Bonds wins in the area.​​​​​​​

The country as a whole has been fairly successful, with 17 millionaire winners from the 390 awarded since 1994 –that’s as many as Kent (also on 17) and almost three times as many as Northern Ireland (six). But there’s still some way to go to catch up to the 48 won by people living in London.

Like the Welsh landscape, there have been many hills and valleys, too. In four years (1996, 2008, 2009 and 2015), our Agents Million made a number of visits to various parts of Wales, but in 12 of the past 24 years Wales has not had a jackpot winner meaning that Agent Million has not crossed the border from their base in Blackpool.

Of the Wales-based winners, the average holding at the time of winning the jackpot has been £19,165.59, pulled up a little by the latest winner, who held £35,150 when their numbers were generated for July’s prize.

The average length of time between purchase of the winning Bond and the numbers coming up for winners of the biggest prize in Wales is nearly seven years.

Other big wins for Wales

Despite being renowned for wet weather in the country, this summer has been among the driest on record. Yet when it comes to Premium Bonds prizes, they’ve been raining down on Wales all year.

In July alone, there were 78 prizes worth £1,000 or more, including the £1 million jackpot, for people whose Premium Bonds accounts were registered to addresses in Wales.

Among these was someone in Cardiff, whose £5 investment in January 1972 – part of an overall holding of £47 –pocketed them £1,000 this month.

Two other big prize winners had their numbers come good on the back of a previous win, having chosen to have their prizes reinvested.

Prize value Winning Bond number Total value of holding Area Value of Bond Date of purchase
£1,000 4FB795490 £47 Cardiff £5 Jan-72
£1,000 259PB854395 £35,225 Wales £25 Nov-15
£1,000 310JM616729 £15,700 Wales £25 Sep-17

To date, there have been 555 prizes worth £1,000 or more for people in Wales in 2018, compared to 439 paid out between January-July 2017 – an increase of more than 26%.

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