The following tips will help your application stand out and above the others:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the role – review the role profile and person specification so you know what the role involves and what we’re looking for in the right candidate. As a starter, there is a wealth of information across the NS&I websites.
  2. Follow the instructions – we have designed the application form to help you provide the information about yourself that we want.  Please make sure you complete all the relevant sections.
  3. Sell yourself – the supporting statement is your opportunity to explain why you have the knowledge, skills and experience that the role is looking for and also why you want to work for us.  Use specific examples from your past experience and keep your statement focused.
  4. Tailor your application to us – it is easy to spot a generic supporting statement that has been “copied and pasted” from an application for another role or company!
  5. Check before you submit – make sure your application is completed correctly and grammatically-correct without spelling errors.


If your application stands out as one of the best, we’ll invite you to an interview.  Here are some tips to help you sell yourself on the day:

  1. Do your homework – show us that you’re knowledgeable about the role, NS&I and financial services in general.
  2. Anticipate likely questions – think about how you can convince us that you can both do the role and want to work for us. 
  3. Remember what you’ve already done – anyone can just say that they can do a role but we will be looking for evidence.  Think about real examples from your experience that are relevant to what we’re looking for.
  4. It’s a two-way process – it’s just as important for you to find out if the role and NS&I are right for you.  Think about what you would like to know about the role and us – you will have an opportunity to ask your own questions and it will show your interest. Something that may be of interest are the benefits on offer by NS&I
  5. Get the basics right – arrive early, dress smartly and be the best version of yourself.


Good luck!