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My first year as CEO
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Inspire & Invest

How will NS&I’s purpose to inspire a stronger savings culture impact customers?

Inspiring a stronger savings culture is something I really care about because it will mean there are fewer people who are financially vulnerable. Financial vulnerability has a really big impact on individuals.

Ian Ackerley, NS&I’s Chief Executive

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We are particularly keen to attract younger customers who are crucial to ensuring the long-term sustainability of our business.

Ed Anderson, NS&I’s Chairman

Net Financing tracker

NS&I delivered £10.8 billion of Net Financing in 2018-19, meeting our revised target of £9 billion (in a range of £6 billion to £12 billion) set at the 2018 Budget.

Our strategy

Let’s get people saving with our new strategy, Inspire & Invest

This was the first year of our strategy, Inspire & Invest. Here you can see the progress we’ve made towards each of our six cross-cutting strategic aims.

Click on an aim to read more.

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Delivering for Government

Do you think the Help to Save scheme has helped you to save regularly?

"The Help To Save scheme encourages you to become a dedicated saver and that saving regularly pays off. And it’s such an easy system to use. It’s all online, you make the payment from your card. The first thing that surprised me was the amount of interest you get on the savings account. I thought it was fantastic. Now our goal is to get on the property ladder. Our dream is to have a house with a garden for the children."

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Delivering digital-first products and services for our customers

Tell us about your buying experience of Premium Bonds and your experience with the Prize Checker app

"Premium Bonds is one of the easiest financial products I’ve ever signed up for. I love the Prize Checker app – it’s fantastic. I check in every month, maybe even once a week just to see how many days it is to the next draw. I love how it tells me how many days there are to go. I have my set routine of doing things every morning: I get up, I check the news but on Prize Draw day, the first thing I check is the Prize Checker app."

                        Using our insight and policy expertise to meet our customers’ needs
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Using our insight and policy expertise to meet our customers’ needs

What are your motivations for saving?

"We’re getting married in the summer so we’ve been busy pulling money together from all over the place to help pay for it. Because we knew we had to spend it this summer, we thought ‘OK, where’s the best place to put it where it’s got the potential to earn big but without any risk at all?’ Premium Bonds was perfect: to have your money there and know it’s safe... but also with the potential to maybe win something that could change our lives and make this summer even more exciting!"

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Delivering efficiently

Tell us how you use technology for banking

"I bought my Premium Bonds online and I log in to my account regularly when I get those prize draw emails and check to see how much I’ve won. Everything I do with NS&I is online. That excitement is getting that email – that ERNIE email – to say you’ve won and check your account, always hoping it’s going to be the big one. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been so far but you never know – one day!"

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Doing the right thing

Tell us about your experience with NS&I’s customer service

"I had to phone NS&I because I’d forgotten my password.

They were the sort of people that wanted to be doing what they were doing. It reminded me of when I worked in the hospitality business. I have to say they were very positive and very helpful. It was almost entertaining, in a positive way… and I didn’t feel like the idiot I thought I was for forgetting my password!"

                        Ian Ackerley
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Being inspiring and empowered

What does this mean for colleagues?

"The aim of being inspiring and empowered is really core to what we do. Our purpose is to inspire a stronger savings culture and because of that being inspired is really important both for customers but also internally. For our staff, it’s about empowering them to be the best they can be. I’m proud to say we’re almost second to none in our learning and development for staff across the civil service."

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Our customers

Hear it first hand from Matthew, Simon & Samuel

We spoke to some of our customers who have saved with NS&I, and they tell us why saving is important to them.

Top 50 for Banking and Finance

                         Top 50 for Banking and Finance

Customer Service awards

We were delighted to retain the top spot for the banking and finance sector in the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service awards, for the third consecutive year.

Premium Bonds prizes paid




Prizes paid in 2018-19

NS&I paid out 37 million Premium Bonds prizes in the 2018-19 financial year, worth just over £1 billion.

Our people

Hear from Bob and Lauren

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I qualified as an accountant here 30 years ago. It’s a great organisation to work for, it gives you great opportunities to develop, it gives you a chance to form a direction for your future career.

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I’ve only been here 8 months, but I would say something similar. NS&I is a complicated business, but you can just ask questions because everyone’s really helpful. And don’t be afraid to suggest new ideas either because everyone’s very open to them.

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It’s an environment where you can challenge. You don’t have to necessarily agree. I think the only way you can move forward is to challenge.

Download our 2018-19 Annual Report

Annual Report

For the full story of last year's performance, download the full report.