Our performance

Our effectiveness in raising funds for the government is measured in a number of ways:

Net Financing

Net Financing is the measure of the net change of NS&I funds, meaning total inflows from deposits, retention of maturing monies and capitalised and accrued interest, less the total outflows from withdrawals and interest or Premium Bonds prize draw payments.

Value Indicator

An indication of our cost-effectiveness in raising finance for the government. It compares the total cost of delivering Net Financing and servicing existing customers’ deposits with how much it would cost the government to raise funds through the wholesale market via equivalent maturity gilts and Treasury bills.


A measure of our efficiency is the ratio of total NS&I administrative costs to average funds invested by customers. Each quarter, NS&I issues these unaudited figures and also publishes its annual report and audited accounts for the financial year. Details of our performance can be found in our annual report.

Annual Report