Fireworks in Norwich and Cumbria as ERNIE generates November’s Premium Bonds prize winning numbers

Agent Million has knocked on doors in Norwich and Cumbria this month to surprise two lucky Premium Bonds holders with the £1 million jackpot. The first number randomly selected by ERNIE – 176LR488412 – belongs to a woman from Norwich who bought the winning Bond in December 2010. She has £10,600 invested in Premium Bonds and will become only the second jackpot millionaire from Norwich.

Treats not tricks for October’s Premium Bond jackpot winners in Dorset and Essex

Agent Million has treated October’s Premium Bonds jackpot prize winners in Dorset and Essex by surprising them with the £1 million windfall. ERNIE has made two Premium Bonds millionaires this month that are part of two very different investments. The first £1 million jackpot winner is a women from Dorset with the winning Bond number 312TX505194. She purchased her winning Bond only two years ago, in October 2017, and holds the £50,000 maximum in Premium Bonds. Agent Million has visited Dorset…

Saving government: Ian Ackerley, chief executive of National Savings & Investments

During the financial crisis, the UK government stepped in to nationalise some of the country's biggest banks; coming onto the public sector’s books, they joined a retail savings bank set up by the Treasury over 150 years ago. Matt Ross meets Ian Ackerley, chief executive of NS&I. Image courtesy: Brenna Duncan.

September surprise as Surrey and Hertfordshire celebrate newly crowned Premium Bonds millionaires

Big wins for big holdings this September Agent Million has paid a visit to Surrey and Hertfordshire to surprise two Premium Bonds jackpot prize winners with the £1 million windfall. Both of the September millionaires are big savers with more money invested into Premium Bonds than any previous jackpot winner from their regions. The first winner is a man from Surrey and the winning Bond number was 319ML537267. The Bond was purchased in January 2018 and has £41,595 invested in Premium Bonds. He…


NS&I’s 1-year and 3-year Issues of Guaranteed Growth Bonds and Guaranteed Income Bonds are no longer on general sale Interest rates on new Issues of Guaranteed Growth Bonds, Guaranteed Income Bonds and Fixed Interest Savings Certificates for customers with maturing investments will be reduced by 25 basis points across all terms NS&I delivers £2 billion of Net Financing and returned a Value Indicator figure of -£119 million in Q1 2019-20 NS&I is today (2 September 2019) announcing…

NS&I gives aunts, uncles and family friends the chance to save for young children

Buying Premium Bonds for children and giving them an extra head start in life will become even easier for more adults, from today. Anyone aged 16 or over can now invest in Premium Bonds on behalf of children under the age of 16, meaning that aunts, uncles and family friends, as well as parents and grandparents, can now give children a gift to encourage a savings habit.

NS&I presents 'small advice firm of the year' to Hunter Aitkenhead & Walker at the Money Marketing awards

This year’s Money Marketing Awards celebrated some of the best advice firms and individuals in the advice industry, and NS&I were proud to sponsor an award: Small Advice Firm of the Year. This award looks to celebrate the success of small advice firms in their relationships with clients. Andrew Pike, Head of Intermediary Relationships at NS&I, said:

Good things come to those who wait: July’s Premium Bonds prize winners

People invest in Premium Bonds for many different reasons and many have had a long attachment with one of the country’s most popular savings products. Some invest to keep money safe for a savings goal, others for a bit of fun with the chance of winning tax-free prizes, while others keep their money in Premium Bonds for a considerable period of time in the hope of winning the jackpot prize. For one lucky person this July, that long-term hope has paid dividends as they are one of two people this…