Our operational partner

Working in partnership with Atos

In May 2013 NS&I announced that Atos had been awarded an outsourcing contract to deliver customer-facing and back office services to NS&I’s 25 million customers. The contract, which began on 1 April 2014, will sit at the heart of NS&I’s business and support its range of savings products and its payment processing services for government clients.

The new contract will deliver a range of benefits to NS&I’s customers. NS&I has grown its direct sales channels for a number of years and this new contract will deliver significant improvements with a particular focus on digital channels. NS&I and Atos will help customers make the switch to digital. This will include the addition of a mobile-optimised website and apps; web chat and co-browsing that can help to guide customers through the website. However, just as importantly, it will focus on further improving the current online experience to ensure customers find managing their money online with NS&I as simple and straightforward as possible.

Over the course of the next seven years the new contract will save British taxpayers more than £400 million by: increasing customer use of direct sales channels; bringing improvements in technology and processes to deliver cost savings; and supporting the growth of NS&I’s business to business services.

NS&I first outsourced its operations to Siemens Business Services in 1999 – the company was subsequently acquired by Atos in July 2011. The outsourcing contract is estimated on a ‘like-for-like’ basis, stripping out the impact of growth and inflation, to have reduced NS&I’s core operating costs by 55%, equating to some £530 million in cost savings.

In 2011, NS&I began a formal re-tender for this contract and in February 2012 shortlisted three suppliers: Atos, Capita and Hewlett-Packard. Following an extremely thorough tender process the contract was awarded to Atos. The final decision on awarding the contract lay with NS&I’s minister at that time Sajid Javid MP, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury. Given the size of the contract the Cabinet Office was also involved throughout the tender process and gave full approval to the decision.