NS&I Transparency Reporting

Transparency in public spending and reporting

The Government has set out the need for greater transparency across its operations to enable the public to hold public bodies and politicians to account. This includes commitments relating to public expenditure, intended to help reduce the deficit and achieve better value for money.

As part of this transparency agenda, the Government has made a number of initial commitments with regard to central government expenditure. One such commitment is that new items of central government spending over £25,000 are now published online.

NS&I is supporting this initiative through the publication of a list of all items of its expenditure over £25,000 from the period beginning April 2010. The list is updated on a monthly basis:

In addition we also publish workforce management and non-consolidated performance payments data. These figures are not Official Statistics. They are internal workforce management information published in the interests of transparency. These figures have not been reconciled centrally with any National Statistics. Where differences appear between the monthly information and National Statistics, clarifying comments are provided.

The ONS quarterly public sector employment survey continues to provide an official headline measure for comparing the overall size of employment in central government organisations with other sectors of the economy at the relevant quarterly reference point.

Given the wide range of organisations covered, caution should be exercised when drawing inferences from the figures and care should be taken when making comparisons between organisations. Users of this management information should refer to any additional commentary and notes where these are provided.

Non-consolidated performance payment data

Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP) data for NS&I 2015

As part of the transparency policy for publication of major projects data the Major Projects Authority (MPA) has published its third Annual Report. It includes a set of combined data of the Government’s Major Projects Portfolio, progress and future priorities.

MPA Annual Report 2014-15

In addition, each government department – NS&I included – has published detailed information about their Government Major Project Portfolio (GMPP). This includes the MPA RAG rating, key project data including financial information (whole life cost, annual budget and forecast spend) and timetable. The data published is as at September 2014 and will be updated every twelve months for projects that are part of the GMPP.

At the time this data was collated NS&I had one project in the GMPP – the Outsource Retender Project – whose purpose it was to put in place successor service arrangements to that agreed with SIS (now Atos) in 1999, to ensure that the Government has continued access to cost-effective retail finance compared with raising funds on the wholesale market beyond the expiry of NS&I’s service contract with Atos on 31 March 2014. The new contract went live in April 2014.

The relevant extract from the MPA Annual Report is attached here.


The publication of this data represents a fundamental step forward in the Government’s drive for transparency.

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