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Ilana Rapaport
Ilana Rapaport
Head of Media
Telephone:(+44)20 7932 6789
Jonty Alone
Jonty Alone
Corporate and Media Relations Manager
Telephone:(+44)20 7932 6633
Chris Dowsett
Chris Dowsett
Media Relations Manager
Telephone:(+44)20 7932 6799


Annie Shields
Isobel Ashmore
PR Officer
Telephone:(+44)20 7932 6869
Annie Shields
Annie Shields
Media and Internal Communications Assistant
Telephone:(+44)20 7932 6829
Mike Jones
Mike Jones
Digital Communications Officer
Telephone:(+44)20 7932 6665


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Twitter: @nsandi

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1 Drummond Gate, Pimlico, London SW1V 2QX

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